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Staff Development

Every leader wants to support and set their team up for success. Successful programs understand that this support comes in the form of not simply exposing staff to the theories and principles of youth development or enforcement of policy and procedure but by designing systems for their ongoing exploration, reflection and application of these principles. What good is knowing what tools are in a box without being shown how to use them?


INSIGHT can be a thought partner and coach to all members of your team - from frontline staff to managers and directors. When  cogenerative dialogue and cohesive implementation are the guiding forces in an organization, staff retention and work satisfaction will increase exponentially.


We offer....

  • Virtual and In-Person Workshops and Training

  • Activity Design and Implementation

  • Authentic Relationship Building

  • Self-Assessments and Comprehensive Goal Setting

  • Cohesive Group Structure and Norms

  • Effective Practices Toolbox

  • Time & Workflow Management

  • In- Person Modeling and Co-Teaching

  • Training of Trainers


in sight /inˌsīt/

Adjective: visible; near at hand; close to being achieved or realized.

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